15 Best side hustle jobs for teachers in 2024

This blog post discusses the best side hustle jobs for a teacher.

In the current economy, where the cost of living has skyrocketed, everyone needs a side hustle job, and teachers are no different. They input their hard work and passion for shaping children\’s futures and even face challenging times. Teachers have the autonomy to choose their path and should not be stuck; they should look for side hustles opportunities to supplement their income.

Looking for a side hustle can be a way for you to replace your teaching income or earn extra. The problem with teachers is that some feel insecure about their finances and decide to quit their careers. If you are a teacher looking to earn extra income, you can find several side hustle jobs for teachers. This article provides the best side hustle job ideas for teachers in 2023 that require your teaching skills, are interesting, and still help you serve humanity.

Importance of side hustle jobs for teacher

It Increases Financial Security

No matter how little you earn, a side hustle will increase your income, thus improving your financial security. You will also be able to create extra income within the month, thus cleaning debts and saving. It will allow you to relax while you create a budget.

Side hustles offer an alternative income stream different from your primary job. Your income will be satisfactory if you have issues with your primary job. Financial security is vital; reducing your reliance on a single income stream offers protection in case something happens to your other income sources.

Develop Your Portfolio

If you are a newbie and need more experience to improve, you must do a side hustle different from your primary job. It is helpful if you are attempting to try a specific industry but need more good portfolios to display your skills and experiences.

Learn New Skills

Even if you continue teaching, choosing a side hustle will teach you new skills. You could use this chance to begin a gig in a different industry to widen your skillset. Get another project out of your comfort zone and broaden your skills.

You will Attain your Financial Goals.

No matter the amount, earning extra income as a teacher can help you achieve financial goals. For instance, if you plan to buy something in a few months but don\’t have enough in your budget, you can earn from the side hustle and pay for the stuff you want.

Amongst many, A side hustle can help you achieve your financial goals, such as going on vacations and saving for retirement.

You Will Gain Flexibility

People typically manage the time they devote to their side hustle. It allows them to combine with their current schedule as full-time employees. When teachers work their schedules, They can turn their side hustles to accommodate other commitments while still from the side hustle. They may then get flexibility and keep teaching while running their business.

Best side hustle jobs for any teacher

The following is a list of side hustle jobs for any teacher because It allows them to run them while still teaching. Still, it will offer you something to believe in while you seek freedom and happiness.

Affiliate Marketing tops our list of side hustle jobs for a teacher

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing where a business pays commissions on products or services that are purchased after being featured or advertised on a website. This can be done through text links, images, videos, and other web content. Affiliate marketers attempt to drive sales of their affiliated products through various affiliate programs that provide compensation for the referral of customers.

This allows teachers to earn an income simply by sharing information about products or services they like. It\’s an excellent way for teachers to supplement their teaching income, especially if they don\’t have much time for other side hustles.

Affiliate marketing can be used by anyone who has a blog or website — even if you\’re not an expert in any specific field or know nothing about a particular product or service. All you need is an audience who trusts you and is willing to learn more about what you have to say on the topic of your choice.


Since teaching is innate for you, tutoring is one of the best side hustle jobs for teachers. Many learners seek extra help with their studies. Giving tutoring services in person or online can therefore be a successful venture. Tutoring can accommodate your full-time job because you will offer your benefits before or after school.

Organizer and Decorator

If you are a good organizer who can make things attractive, you can turn this into an income-generating activity. It is a broad niche where you can go right from helping teachers in school decoration and organization to home events. You can also help overwhelmed people who have issues with their executive meetings.

Being A Real Estate Agent

Being a real estate agent can be a lucrative job for a teacher since it is flexible. You can visit homes during your free time, such as evenings or weekends. You can also efficiently market the houses to your workmates.

Selling Lesson Plans

Since you are a teacher, you may have spent much time making lesson plans. You may have done research or bought ready lesson plans to save time. You can sell them to your fellow teachers on online platforms. Through this, you will not only be getting extra income but also help teachers. Using the lesson plans you already could help you earn an extra income. Teachers who have taught for a long time could have piles of lesson plans they can sell.

Part-Time Lecturer

A part-time lecturer in colleges or universities requires a second degree or a doctorate. As a part-time lecturer, the number of lectures allocated to you won\’t be as many as those allocated to resident lectures, and this will allow you to keep your teaching job while at the same time earning an extra coin. You can start by visiting nearby colleges to get more information about their hiring processes and requirements.

Start A Blog

If you are passionate about sharing your knowledge and expertise in education, you can start your blog. You can use a blog to share your ideas and connect with people with similar interests. You can earn money through advertising or affiliate marketing when you get enough traffic on your blog. Creating a blog does not need work upfront, but once it runs operational, it can be a good way of earning extra money.

Create A YouTube Channel

YouTube has billions of users; therefore, it can be the best platform to earn money. You can create a channel that shares issues related to education. For instance, if you are a science teacher, you can start a channel that teaches science experiments, which applies to teachers of other disciplines; there are many opportunities. You can also opt for baking, cooking, or craft lessons if that is your passion. The main thing here is to create an audience who will be watching your videos. You will then get paid from advertising revenue, affiliate marketing, or direct sponsorships.

Write Books Or eBooks.

You can write a book or eBook if you have writing skills. You can earn money to share exciting stories or teach people important information. Although you may think writing a book is difficult, it is now simpler than ever imagined. Writing books and developing eBooks have been made possible by Amazon\’s Kindle Direct Publishing. You will no longer deal with a publisher; Amazon prints and delivers the books once bought.

Freelance Writing

Teachers have enough knowledge to share and can do this through freelance writing. You can write educational content in magazines or blogs and make lesson plans or worksheets for other teachers. To become a freelance writer, you can start writing to build a portfolio of your writing samples. You can then look for writing jobs on writing platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr or contact a company and ask for open positions for writers.

Offering Private Music or Art Instruction

You can offer private music or art instruction to supplement the classroom curriculum and make learning enjoyable.

Tips for launching a successful music or art instruction business:

Research your market.

Before starting any business, it is important to understand your target market. Find out what other teachers are doing, how much they charge, and what kind of feedback they have received from their students. You will also need to find an appropriate location – do you want to offer lessons at home, in a studio, or online?

Choose a niche.

Once you have determined your target market, decide on a specific genre of music or art that you would like to teach. Do not try to teach everything; focus on one style or topic and develop expertise in that area.

Make sure your supplies are current and high-quality.

When teaching classes outside of the school setting, materials used (such as instruments) must be up-to-date and of good quality so that students feel confident about participating in class sessions.\”

Becoming an Education Consultant

History has shown that when teachers work on their creative pursuits outside the classroom, students often improve academically. As a result, becoming an education consultant offers teachers an eclectic range of side hustle job ideas that can help them build skills, connect with new clients, and foster creativity within themselves. You can offer your education consultancy services online or in person.

Examples of education consulting services.

  • Collaboration services to institutions
  • Course selection guidance
  • Immigration assistance
  • Entrance examinations coaching
  • Psychometric Testing
  • Scholarships applications assistance
  • Students accommodation
  • University selection assistance.

Delivery Services

If you have a car, you could engage in delivery services to earn extra income. You can deliver groceries and other items to people in your locality or apply for a job at a company that hires delivery drivers. You will qualify to be a driver if you meet the company\’s requirements, but if you employ yourself, you must have a clean driving record and be over 18 years of age.

Rent Out Your Extra Space

Do you have extra space in your home, you can rent it for storage and earn money. This idea can work if you live near a school, town, or where people always need storage space. You can also rent out the space for Airbnb services. Renting is easy because you need to ensure a safe and clean place to stay. You must ensure you have enough insurance coverage in case of any damages.

Personal Trainer

You can achieve rewarding outcomes if you help others achieve their fitness goals. As a personal trainer, you get to keep a schedule of clients based on your availability and work at a public gym or your place, if you have one. You could get various certifications, such as weight loss, yoga, nutrition, and strength training. This ranks as one of the best teachers\’ jobs because it is flexible and pays well.

Become A Virtual Assistant

Teachers naturally have good organizational skills. If you love helping people get organized, you can use this ability to earn money as a virtual assistant. You can make it by arranging calendars, answering calls or emails, and creating social media posts.

Our final take on side hustle jobs for teacher

The possibilities for side hustle jobs are endless for teachers, and the ever-evolving educational landscape continues to open up new opportunities. Whether you\’re looking to supplement your current earnings or monetize your expertise, there are many ways you can use your classroom knowledge and skillset to create a unique side hustle business that will help you reach your financial goals in 2023 and beyond!

Side hustles for teachers do not need to be difficult; you can get jobs you can do in your free time for fun and earn money. Because money solves most problems, a side hustle that pays extra income can help you, especially when your job is not satisfying. Ensure you choose a job that suits your needs and lifestyle. Once you are ready, make goals and learn to use your money appropriately to attain long-term success.


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