High Paying Hustles for College Students in 2023

In today\’s tough economy, thinking outside the box is essential. While there are many ways to make money in college, we\’re going to focus on the high-paying hustles for college students with EASY access to information technology.

As a student, you constantly need money, such as paying bills, school trips, classwork, and food. When unplanned situations calling for extra expenses arise, having a side hustle can help you deal with your financial issues. While college students do not take full-time jobs, you can earn income while doing something you love or are skilled at to live your dream. Although it can be hard to choose from the many side hustle jobs, this article gives college students some of the highest-paying side hustles in 2023.

Online Reselling

Reselling online is a type of drop-shipping, but this requires you to get products to sell from various suppliers and then avail them from a central place. Establishing an online reselling hustle can be one of the most lucrative businesses you can ever do. This business type that was once famous for being thriftier is now known for second-hand bags, clothing items, and limited edition sneakers from big companies.

Through this business, you can get a product and then sell it at a higher price to online customers on platforms like eBay, Etsy, and Shopify, among others. You can also sell your items if you have some valuable things. To begin this business, you can plan the types of products you want to sell, followed by researching what people need in your area or love so you can fill the gap. When done, get your products and upload high-quality photos of the products on social media, Craigslist, and eBay with clear descriptions about them. This business can work when you have clients, so it is essential to utilize social media to market yourself.


If you love photography, start your own business. This business requires skills and talent, so you can get clients who wish to take photos for their websites, social media, printed materials, or billboards. You will get more clients and make your hustle reputable by taking attractive and professional images. Various events are happening around you daily, and you can start with this by attending to get your first clients. If you don\’t have a camera, you can hire one for hours and ensure you make something out of it. To start this kind of business, you can use the tips below:

Conduct research: Research helps determine how much you need to start, location, risks, and competition.

Write a business plan: All business requires a scenario where you will know about the start-up amount, cash flow, competition, location, and market size.

Choose the type of photography-Photography is a broad niche, and you should decide which one you wish to do. You can choose from weddings, outdoor or studio photography.


The development of the internet has made most industries have opportunities for freelancers. Wherever you are, there are many opportunities for freelancers. Freelance is a vast area. It involves various skills such as transcription, resume and cover letter writing, web development and designing, blog writing, copywriting, and more. You can pick any job during your free time, depending on your skills and expertise.

Choose jobs you can quickly start and do comfortably; for instance, if you are a good writer, you can start looking for writing gigs and write for pay. There is a high demand for article writers; this could be your next job. You can also choose eBook writing if you can write quickly. As a college student, you can fund writing jobs based on a project by project or part-time on platforms like Fiverr and Upwork. You can easily make money, depending on your ability and skills.


Blogging can be a lucrative high, paying hustle for college students. This is especially true for those who love to write. If you are passionate about writing, you can start this hobby to get extra income while in school. It can earn you money through ads, paid posts, affiliate marketing, and others. To begin the blogging hustle, you can start by:

Identify the platform you want to blog on—for example, WordPress or Blogger.Com.

Choose a host that is fast and scalable, for example, Bluehost.

Identify niche: You should choose an area you want to deal with; what topics are you interested in writing about?

Choose the name of your blog and domain.

Set up your blog- you can use a premium theme easily customized.

After the set-up, start writing good content and share it to help grow your blog. You can monetize the site through affiliate marketing, ads, and sponsored posts when you get traffic.

Social Media Manager

Being a social media manager is one of the best-paying hustles for college students. Starting this hustle can assist you in boosting your social media accounts. You will run a social media account belonging to a company or an influential person. This job involves posting daily photos, videos, or written content about the company or person on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

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Event Organizer

Suppose you are a party person or love attending church, weddings, or other ceremonies. In that case, consider being an organizer to make money. If you are an organized person who loves working with people and is strict with deadlines, you can become an event planner. You can begin by organizing a housewarming or birthday party to create your portfolio and network. This hustle suits you because it does not need starting capital. You need to push yourself and be a detailed person.

Start A YouTube Channel

A YouTube channel can earn you an extra income on social media. You can record and publish videos that teach people about specific topics or skills. You will make it on YouTube through affiliate links, paid posts, AdSense, and personal training. YouTube also has a program that pays its users a part of the revenue from ads that run on their creators\’ content. If you are a creative person, start recording videos and post them on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram to start having a different income-generating platform. Here are the best ideas to help you activate YouTube content.

  • Showing people how to make creative looks, like applying makeup
  • You can share maintenance tips for cars if you are a car enthusiast
  • You can do celebrity topics and update your audience about their lives
  • You can create content on physical fitness


Consider a teaching job if you are best in particular subject areas. You can tutor high school learners after class hours or on weekends on the topics or subjects you are best at. This side hustle is easy to start if you have teaching skills. You can begin this by marketing your services to people around where you stay.

Suppose you want to be an online tutor. In that case, you can visit platforms like Wyzant or Varsity Tutors, Skooli, and eTutorWorld, among others, and apply to be a teacher for a specific subject or skill. This hustle can be the best because you set your working time and how many sessions you want. You can teach students from different backgrounds and nationalities. You can teach them about playing specific musical instruments, a foreign language, or subjects like sciences and mathematics.

Driving an Uber

Uber driving can be another high-paying job for any student. Uber does not have strict requirements for those interested in joining, so you can easily be a member. All you need is a car in good working condition, a smartphone with good internet speed, and a driver’s license.

Computer Repair Services

Computer repair services do not require you to have IT or computer science qualifications. You can teach yourself to fix hardware and software issues or clean computers. Many people need various solutions for their devices, and you can set up a business to aid them. These services can be a side job, but you can turn them into a full-time job as you grow the business. Although it has high competition, ensure you build a good customer relationship by offering the best services.

Be an Affiliate Marketer

Being an affiliate marketer is one of the most high-paying hustles for college students with marketing skills. You can be part of vendors, promote their products and services, and receive a commission when buyers click through the vendor’s websites to buy items. You can build your presence on social media to get potential clients. Social media can also help you identify trending or highly on-demand products and put you ahead of the rest.


This is another good side hustle you can pursue as a college student. If you love staying with children, you can get families whose parents are busy and want people to look after their children. It is a perfect job for students because of its flexibility, and you can set your working times. You can ask around for people who want babysitters or visit online sites that recruit people that offer your services.

College students can choose various high-paying hustles to make an extra coin. The ones mentioned above can be the best option if you are a determined and hardworking person. Some jobs can demand most of your time during the day, making you feel overwhelmed and tired. So, before considering a side hustle, take time and research to examine each to learn which can serve your needs.

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