5 Best Online Share Trading Platforms in Kenya

Top 5 Best Online Share Trading Platforms in Kenya

Stock trading in Kenya has grown in popularity over the years, especially with the advent of online share trading platforms, which have made investing in stocks more accessible to individuals. Nowadays, various platforms allow you to buy/sell stocks, monitor portfolios, or manage your investments via mobile phone or a computer anywhere and anytime. 

While many options are available, it may not be easy to pinpoint which platform is ideal for your investment requirements. This comprehensive guide uncovers the 5 best online share trading platforms in Kenya and how to maximize returns using a powerful but free Savings and Investments Calculator.

Understanding Online Share Trading Platforms

Online share dealing platforms are digital interfaces allowing investors to buy and sell stocks, bonds, and other securities online. These platforms enable investors to trade across various financial markets, covering the NSE and the international markets. Investors can do this by using desktop or mobile applications offered by these platforms, and they can monitor their investments, execute trades, and manage their portfolios.

The Rise of Online Share Trading in Kenya

Fundamentally, buying stocks in Kenya was complicated as somebody had to physically go to a stockbroker while doing much paperwork. However, the emergence of online share trading platforms changed the traditional investment dynamic, ensuring Kenyans participate in the stock market easily and conveniently. Such platforms have made investing in shares a playground for all, as people with either or no experience and relatively smaller capital capacities now receive the opportunity to participate in financial markets.

5 Best Online Share Trading Platforms in Kenya

1. FXPesa: A Comprehensive Trading Hub for Kenya’s Investors

5 Best Online Share Trading Platforms in Kenya

FXPesa has become a top online share trading platform in Kenya and is a one-stop trading hub for all investors. The diverse range of financial instruments, including forex, stocks, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and others, makes it possible to easily navigate and trade across different asset classes through a single, unified platform.

The platform has a user-friendly interface to suit traders of various expertise levels. It provides a simple interface and tools for navigation and execution. FXPesa provides traders with advanced instruments such as market analysis tools, risk management features, and real-time notifications; therefore, the trading experience will be easy and well-informed.

Education and empowerment are one of FXPesa’s key virtues. The platform comprises a complete learning ecosystem comprising webinars, tutorials, in-depth market analysis, and trading strategies. Consequently, this creates a space where users can gain knowledge and skills for successful trading.

FXPesa offers its users competitive pricing whereby traders’ profits are maximized while the transaction costs are equally minimized. FXPesa platform ensures competitive spreads starting from 0.2 pips and commission-free trading, which benefits budget-conscious investors. Compliance with regulation and industry standards also supports global presence and FXPesa experience. Being a part of EGM Securities Limited, which the Capital Markets Authority of Kenya licenses, puts FXPesa in a secure and regulated environment, offering clients a layer of trust and confidence.

Beyond trading functionalities, FXPesa has won accolades for features such as the availability of customer services 24/6, built-in research tools, free training resources, and networking events. These value-added services constitute the entire trading experience, providing traders with the tools and assistance they require to explore the financial markets successfully. In short, the traders using FXPesa are exposed to new investment opportunities, risk minimization, and low transaction costs.

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2. Interactive Brokers: A Comprehensive Global Trading Platform

5 Best Online Share Trading Platforms in Kenya

Interactive Brokers ranks second in Kenya’s best online share trading platforms due to its global standing with many tools for advanced users. Primarily acting as an intermediary in over 200 countries, IBKR provides traders access to various financial instruments, including stocks, options, futures, currencies, bonds, and funds in 150 international markets. The trading platform offers advanced charts, analysis tools, and potent order execution engines for experienced traders and professionals.

IBK’s competitive commission rates, low transaction costs, and margin rate up to 49% lower than the other brokers’ increase overtime profit. You can earn up to 4.83% on the Cash balance. Through a powerful research system, successful trading floors, and extensive reporting services, IBKR allows traders to execute their trading actions at any level.

Although the desktop trading platform is complex for trading purposes, the real-time confirmations of trades, the details of margins, and the portfolio analysis tools greatly help traders as they can optimize trading strategy. In short, Interactive Brokers stands out as a global trade platform with many tools, various instruments, low pricing, and an environment rich in research.

3. Oanda: A Reliable Trading Platform for Kenyan Investors

5 Best Online Share Trading Platforms in Kenya

Oanda is the third-best platform for share trading online in Kenya and provides a wide range of financial asset options in a highly professional user trading environment. Consequently, this brings a unique blend of a trustworthy forex and CFD broker with the best trading platforms and in-depth educational resources Oanda offers. The variety of tradeable assets on the platform provides an advantage, among which more than 350 share CFDs containing stocks of major companies such as Adidas, Santander, and Deutsche Bank.

Oanda’s spreads are competitive, ranging from 0.2 pips (Core Account) to 0.8 pips (Premium Account). The existing model meets the demands of different trading groups. Notably, Oanda offers variants of accounts such as Standard, Core, Premium, Premium Core, and Swap-Free, all geared at covering a wide range of risk-takers. The platform’s trading tools, including the fxTrade app and MetaTrader platforms, are appropriate for retailers of all levels.

Although Oanda has enough educational resources, its regulatory oversight in Kenya, managed through a British Virgin Islands entity, and the higher withdrawal fees (starting at $20 per transaction) may concern some traders. Notwithstanding this factor, Oanda remains an option for Kenyan investors looking for a solid platform with useful functionality, competitive spreads, and support education.

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4. HFM: Tailored Solutions and Regulated Trading Environment

5 Best Online Share Trading Platforms in Kenya

The number four among internet share trading platforms in Kenya is HFM, a segment that has gained regulatory approval from the CMA. HFM provides investors a regulated trading atmosphere, allowing them to sort and choose the best solutions.

HFM provides traders with 18 different trading instruments, including one-click trading, fast market news, and analysis. Traders can choose from four account types: CENT, ZERO, PRO, and PREMIUM. The company offers free educational materials and regular live expert webinars, and it comes with the MT4 platform, which is very popular in trading forex, CFDs, and futures.

Regarding trading conditions, HFM stands out with tight spreads starting from 0.1 pips (EUR/USD), flexible leverage up to 1:400 cap, and tightening the rules against scalping and speculation of the shares in question. The platform deals with various financial instruments, including currency trading on the forex, indices, and commodities. It has an extended operation schedule from 24/5 and a dedicated support team in over 27 languages. HFM has acquired over 60 industry awards, which reflects its dedication to quality service provision.

HFM users are empowered through the multi-talents that come their way, which include risk management options like the Risk Percentage calculator, multi-target calculator, and pivot points calculator. The platform is designed for various trading methods with two different account types for different budgets.

HFM has different platforms, such as MT4 and MT5, used on desktops, web, and mobile devices. The platform has a significant highlight of allowing customers to trade in a safe and secure trading environment, with the CMA in Kenya licensing it and holding their accounts in regulated accounts.

HFM’s trading platform is indeed packed full of excellent features, but the broader spreads for the Premium account, the inactivity fees, and the limited technical indicators within the mobile version could be seen as drawbacks by some Kenyan traders. Furthermore, the absence of Nairobi Stock Exchange derivative products may also cause concern for investors who want to ensure they hold these products in their portfolios.

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5. Exness: Diverse Asset Classes and Tight Spreads

5 Best Online Share Trading Platforms in Kenya

Exness is the fifth largest online trading platform in Kenya, and it offers investment instruments of different classes, tight spreads, and a trading environment regulated for local investors. The platform provides an extensive selection of more than 100 CFDs, which covers stocks, indices, commodities, and currencies, allowing for diversifying the portfolio and worldwide market exploration.

Leveraging options up to 1:400 allows investors to grow their portfolios, while Exness’s reputation of cutting spreads and stable trading conditions is suitable for tight-pocketed traders wishing to maximize returns. Besides, the oversight function by the Capital Markets Authority (CMA) in Kenya and the recognition by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) in the British Virgin Islands and the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) in South Africa pushes investors confidence higher.

While Exness has much to offer, such as live webinars, it cannot boast about a full-fledged educational section. Also, some options for MT5 are underdeveloped, restricting some groups of traders to use them. There could be cases of regulatory uncertainty in the Kenyan market, such as absent local support mechanisms with funds like the Investor Compensation Fund, that will expose investors to counterparty risks. However, the challenges mentioned above do not discourage Exness from using the advantageously diverse range of assets, excellent spreads, and rules governing the regulations that remain a great option for investors in Kenya who prioritize fair trade and regulatory compliance. Investors should contemplate these factors before making up their minds about trading with Exness.

Leveraging the Free Savings and Investment Calculator

We have a free but powerful Savings and Investment Calculator tool to help you with your decision-making process and ensure you get the best out of your investments. This powerful calculator has a unique feature that enables you to enter an initial balance, monthly contribution, interest rate, and duration to understand the final balance, total contributions, and total interest you may earn.

Through such a mechanism, you can experiment with different cases that are used and form the optimal investment plan, set reasonable targets, and adjust it accordingly. Beyond that, the calculator also illustrates the power of compounding by showing how consistent contributions and reinvested earnings can multiply your investment gains exponentially, regardless of varying interest rates or market environments. Consequently, you are in a position to make the right decisions on how to manage risk.


The rise of online share trading platforms in Kenya has revolutionized how individuals approach investing. With a wide range of platforms, investors can find the one that best suits their investment goals, risk tolerance, and financial capabilities. By leveraging our free Savings and Investment Calculator, you can gain valuable insights, set realistic goals, and make informed decisions to maximize your investment returns. Embrace the convenience and accessibility offered by these platforms and take control of your financial future today.

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