Best Places to Invest in Real Estate in Kenya Today

6 Best Places to Invest in Real Estate in Kenya

The real estate sector in Kenya has been building up its trajectory in recent years, leading to the creation of highly lucrative opportunities for investors looking forward to leveraging the country’s economic growth and urbanization. Faced with many destinations that can meet your diverse tastes, the search for the best investment location can be overwhelming. In this detailed guide, we will examine the best places to invest in real estate in Kenya, backed by research from the sector, statistical data, and consultations with industry pros.

1. Nairobi: The Economic Powerhouse

Best Places to Invest in Real Estate in Kenya

Unquestionably, the capital city of Kenya, Nairobi, has always been the number one property market in the country. Because Nairobi is an economic hub of East Africa, the demand for housing property has increased in the region for residential, commercial, and industrial needs. The city’s bustling economy, predominantly influenced by its booming financial services, technology, and growing middle class, has been driving the real estate sector.

According to Macrotrends, the population of Nairobi has monotonically risen annually. The projection of Nairobi’s residents in 2024 is 5,541,000 people, which is 4.06% higher than in 2023. The population of Nairobi in 2023 amounted to 5,325,000 and was higher by 4.02% compared to 2022. Conversely, in line with the World Population Review, the 2030 population of Nairobi will be 7.03 million. Consequently, this quick population growth and urbanization have resulted in a strong demand for housing, thus leading to market property values and rentals to rise. And this demand isn’t slowing down any time soon.

Within Nairobi, several neighborhoods stand out as prime investment destinations:

I. Upper Hill

Upper Hill has emerged as a premier business district, attracting multinational corporations, embassies, and high-end residential developments. The area boasts world-class infrastructure, including modern office spaces, luxury apartments, and excellent connectivity to other parts of the city. According to the Cytonn Reports, the average rental yield for residential properties in Upper Hill stood at 8% in 2023, higher than the whole of Nairobi’s Metropolitan Area, which was 6.8% in 2023. Consequently, this makes it an attractive investment opportunity.

II. Kilimani

Kilimani is a prestigious residential neighborhood known for its upscale apartments, shopping malls, and proximity to the city center. The area has witnessed a surge in demand from expatriates and affluent Kenyans, driving up property prices and rental yields. According to Cytonn Reports, the average rental yield for apartments in Kilimani was 10.1% as of January 2024, one of the highest in Nairobi and higher than the market average of 6.8%.

III. Westlands

Westlands is a vibrant mixed-use neighborhood that has become a hub for businesses, shopping, and entertainment. The area’s strategic location, excellent infrastructure, and proximity to major highways have made it a prime investment destination. According to the Cytonn Reports, the average rental yield for residential properties in Westlands stood at 9.1% in 2023 and 10.2% in early 2024, making a 1.1% increase.

Investing in Nairobi’s real estate market offers several advantages, including:

  • Steady rental income: The ever-increasing city population and the lack of affordable homes have, for sure, resulted in a high demand for rentals, which implies getting a steady income for those who own apartments all the time.
  • Capital appreciation: It has been a tradition in Nairobi for the property value to keep rising 10% per year, thereby registering capital gains in the short run.
  • Diverse property options: With luxurious apartments and shopping complexes among the trading markets, the city takes care of different types of investors.

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2. Mombasa: The Coastal Gem

Mombasa, Kenya’s second-largest city and the primary center for trade on the maritime route has always been a choice of investment destination for investors. The historic town maintained a vigorous trade, attractive beaches, and coveted tourism, bolstering the local real estate market.

Mombasa County Government’s endeavors to make the city a holistic trade, logistics, and tourism center also spurred an upsurge in the real estate sector. The ongoing development of the Usika economic zone, the multi-billion project which mainly intends to attract foreign investment, is expected to generate and make a lot of new jobs available and increase the demand for housing and commercial space.

According to Cytonn Research, the average rental yield for residential properties in Mombasa increased to 6.8% in 2023, up by 0.6% from the previous year. This growth represents a 1.1% increase from the single-use residential market, solidifying Mombasa’s appeal as an attractive investment destination for those seeking a coastal lifestyle.

Investing in Mombasa’s real estate market offers several advantages, including:

  • Rental income from tourism: Thanks to the city’s flourishing tourism sector, this need will always be there, given that rental properties hold particular popularity around the heights of the high season.
  • Beachfront properties: The geographical location of the city of Mombasa, which is a beachfront, allows investors to own high-end beach properties; they generally yield high rental and sell at premium rates.
  • Diversification: Acquisition of Mombasa real estate is an investment that puts the money into diversification from the urban centers by mixing risks and giving higher returns.

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3. Kisumu: The Lakeside Opportunity

Best Places to Invest in Real Estate in Kenya

Kisumu, a city that lies by the side of Lake Victoria, is increasingly becoming a potential real estate market with an upcoming trend. The city’s tactical position in the East African region’s gateway has brought about colossal infrastructure, manufacturing, and agriculture investments.

Combined with the ongoing construction of the Kisumu Port for trade and transportation within the region, the city has gained more economic strength. This phenomenon leads to many professionals and businesses since it boosts the demand for housing and commercial properties.

Investing in Kisumu’s real estate market offers several advantages, including:

  • Affordable property prices: Unlike the major cities such as Nairobi and Mombasa, Kisumu offers cheaper property prices, which is a viable option for investors with limited budgets.
    • Potential for capital appreciation: Property values will increase and offer capital appreciation opportunities faster, along with the city’s growth and more investments.
    • Diversification: Putting money in the real estate of Kisumu offers diversification from the conventional urban centers; hence, the risk is reduced, and higher return rates are expected.

4. Nakuru: The Rising Star

Best Places to Invest in Real Estate in Kenya

Nakuru, a city located in the Great Rift Valley region, has emerged as a rising star in Kenya’s real estate market. The city’s strategic location, a transportation hub and a gateway to the western region, has attracted significant investments in manufacturing, agriculture, and tourism.

The ongoing development of the Naivasha Industrial Park, a multi-billion project, and the implementation of the Kes 117 Billion County Integrated Development Programme for 2023-2027 is expected to create numerous job opportunities and drive demand for housing and commercial spaces in the region.

Property in Nakuru has been experiencing a price increase continuously since 2020 due to a 3% annual population increase since 2020.

Investing in Nakuru’s real estate market offers advantages like:

  • Affordable property prices: Ironically, surrounding cities such as Nairobi and Mombasa are a source of what the Nakuru real estate developers have longed for, i.e., low property prices, which is an attractive business opportunity for investors with limited budgets. Plus, the reasonably priced projects guarantee investors a return on their capital investments.
  • Potential for capital appreciation: Given that the metropolitan area is growing and incurring significant investment, property values are likely to rise, which will benefit property revaluation.
  • Diversification: You create REITs – or a real estate commrceial or rental portfolios – in Nakuru as an alternative asset class to the traditional urban centers, reduce risk exposure, and cultivate potential higher returns.

5. Eldoret: The Agricultural Powerhouse

Eldoret, a town in the west side of Kenya, was the one name given to as a tap of its high productivity in agriculture. Nevertheless, over the last few years, the town has also become a solid real estate market, which is supported by the fact that the town’s economy is growing and is located at one of the crucial positions in Rift Valley.

The town is situated in the close neighbor of main agrarian regions and practice of the Eldoret Special Economic Zone. Investment flow in agro-processing and manufacturing industries is what the city has obtained. As a result, there has been a flow of specialists and firms who are buying houses and workplaces, therefore creating demand for dwellings and workspaces.

6. Emerging Real Estate Markets in Kenya

Although the cities and towns mentioned above are large real estate markets, Kenya still hosts many. These regions are expanding and improving speedily due to the growth of infrastructural projects, industry investments, and population growth.

I. Athi River

Athi River of Machakos County, a new extensive area of industrial focus, emanates from a massive management and logistics sector. Not only is it just about 20 kilometers from Nairobi, but upgrading the Nairobi-Mombasa Highway has contributed more to its allure as a lucrative destination.

II. Kitengela

Kitengela town, just like others in Kajiado County, has recently experienced a growing urbanization rate as residential and commercial developments have made it grow. Amid the vicinity of Nairobi, the low prices of property and ongoing infrastructure projects make it an ideal investment target for those who prefer suburban living opportunities.

III. Thika

The town of Thika, a town found in the county of Kiambu, has occupied a place among the promising best real estate markets, having been spurred by the growing number of learning institutions, the industrial sector, and its being close to the capital, Nairobi. A remarkable feature of the neighborhood is the assessable property prices. In addition, the town has a rising number of colleges and universities, keeping the demand for rentals rising.

Factors to Consider When Investing in Kenyan Real Estate

Whereas there is a myriad of opportunities in the Kenyan land market and apartment buildings, investors should take note of some factors when directing an investment decision.These factors include:

1. Infrastructure

The significance of structure in real estate deals is no less than life. Investors may want to look at the area’s electric water system, internet capabilities, schools, hospitals, and shopping center services. They may even use residential proximity to employment and recreational facilities as essential considerations.

2. Security

Security is such a critical attribute that it can have a higher impact on the price and demand of any property. Investors should rank areas with lower crime rates, more effective crime control, and sufficiently good security measures, such as private housing or well illuminated communities, the highest.

3. Demographics

The demographic makeup of a place is a sine qua non for successful decisions when investing. Investors have to determine the population growth rate

4. Job Market

A strong job market is just one of the many moving agents that dominate the real estate sector. Investors in housing markets could select those that meet these criteria with diverse, growing economies, e.g., job creation tendencies and business activity rate, as professionals and corporations typically seek these attributes

Looking into the price movements is a priority for getting to the areas where increases in capital value are possible. Investors are advised to consider incorporating only those regions where price levels are either stable or enormously increasing into their investment projects, which can be a sign of high interest from buyers and a chance for future revenue.

Saving and Investment Calculator: A Valuable Tool for Real Estate Investors

As a real estate investor, a sound financial plan and a lucid perception of your monetary targets are indispensable to your business. Our Saving and Investment Calculator without cost is a valuable tool as it allows you to feel for potential accumulations from investing and plan for your investments accordingly.

The calculator that you get to put in the balance at the initial point, the amount that you commit to putting in each month, the rate of interest, and the period in which you plan to invest will give you the final balance, total inputs, and the interest that is earned at the end of the duration. This tool is made to help you assess different investment decisions and make intelligent decisions about your estate investments.

For instance, if you have an initial balance of $10,000 and a regular addition of quarterly $500 in the real estate investment. The calculator anticipates a $102,873.60 balance after ten years and the investment sending of $70,000 with total interest earned at $32,873.60. This data can lighten up your understanding and guide your educated decisions in designing investment strategies.


Kenya’s real estate market offers many opportunities for investors seeking to capitalize on the country’s economic growth and increasing demand for residential and commercial properties. You have a diverse range of options, from the bustling metropolis of Nairobi to the coastal gem of Mombasa and the emerging markets of Athi River, Kitengela, and Thika.

However, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research, consider infrastructure, security, demographics, job market, and price trends, and leverage tools like our free Saving and Investment Calculator to make informed investment decisions.

By carefully evaluating the market and utilizing the available resources, investors can position themselves for success in Kenya’s thriving real estate market and potentially reap substantial returns on their investments.

Closing Remarks

Kenya’s real estate market, a big bag of possibilities for those looking to invest in this country, is now in focus due to the country’s economic growth and the influx of residential and business premises tenants. From the vibrant Nairobi to Mombasa’s scenic beaches, there is a broad scope of areas where you can establish your business, not to mention the fast-developing Athi River, Kitengela, and Thika.

On the other hand, you must do a full assessment, and factors such as infrastructure, security, demographics, job market, and price trends must be considered before making investments. Again, there are online tools that you can use for free, such as savings and investing calculator, which help you make the best decisions.

Through a thorough study of the market at hand and the use of available resources, investors can strategically place themselves on the winning side of Kenya’s real estate market, whereby they can earn copious profits.

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