Top Saccos in Kenya for Small Businesses

Top 5 Saccos in Kenya for Small Businesses: A Comprehensive Guide

Small and medium businesses are the central pillar of the Kenyan economy; they create jobs and boost the economy, increasing innovation. Yet, affordable financing remains one of the country’s most significant hurdles for small business owners. Consequently, this area is where Saccos, shorthand for Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies, intercede, offering a variant but feasible option to conventional banking entities.

Saccos are financially oriented cooperative societies that are member-owned and are the providers of a wide range of services, including savings and loan accounts and investment opportunities. In contrast to commercial banks, Saccos operates by the principle of mutual benefit that underpins the platform, where members pool their resources to create a collective fund from which everyone can borrow at reasonable rates.

In this detailed guide, we’ll look at the top 5 saccos in Kenya for small businesses offering financial services, allowing startups to attain their growth dreams.

1. Unaitas Sacco

Top 5 Saccos in Kenya for Small Businesses

Established in 1993, Unaitas Sacco has become one of Kenya’s most prominent and respected Saccos. With over 400,000 members and an asset base exceeding Ksh 22.699 billion as of December 31st, 2023, Unaitas is a force to reckon with in the Sacco industry.

One of the standout features of Unaitas Sacco is its focus on small business financing. The Sacco offers a range of loan products designed specifically for entrepreneurs, including the Biashara Loan, which provides funding for business expansion, working capital, and asset acquisition. This loan now provides a maturity period of up to 3 years and an interest rate between 6% and 10.5% per annum.

Unaitas Sacco offers credit at an attractive interest rate, where members can access a loan of up to three times their savings balance with interest charged at a low rate of 1% per month on the reduced balance. Furthermore, Sacco has repayment periods that may go up to 96 months, giving small business owners the ideal period to manage their cash flow.

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2. Kenya Police Sacco

Top 5 Saccos in Kenya for Small Businesses

Kenya Policemen Sacco has a membership of over 73,000 and has an asset base of Kshs 54 billion, which makes it one of the largest and most influential Saccos in the country. The Sacco started as a member-only institution for the pensioners and guardians of the Kenya Police Force, but today, it is open to the general public, and it is a favorite for small-scale business owners.

Kenya Police Sacco provides a wide selection of loan products, such as Super Loan, tailored for business growth, asset purchase, and working capital. Borrowers can take loans up to four multiple turnovers with an interest rate of 14% per annum with a reduced balance and repayment term of 60 months.

Another essential thing about Sacco Kenya police is that it has gained a great reputation for excellent service delivery and prompt loan disbursement. Sacco has made considerable investments in technology, which has allowed members to access credit through their respective accounts and apply for loans online, thus simplifying the loan process.

3. Stima Sacco

Top 5 Saccos in Kenya for Small Businesses

Starting by serving the East African Power and Lighting Company staff only, Stima Sacco has switched to serving the wider Kenyan population. This Sacco has become the second-best Sacco for small businesses in Kenya. With an asset base of Ksh 59. 1 billion and a strong focus on small business financing, Stima Sacco offers quality financial services for small business owners.

Stima Sacco has a range of loans for small businesses, including the M-Pawa loan, which allows one to draw an amount between Ksh 500 and Ksh 120,000 with a repayment term of up to 6 months. Moreover, Stima Sacco provides other business credits in the forms of Makaazi poa loans, plot financing loans, investor loans, invoice discounting loans, local purchase order (LPO) financing, asset finance school loans, and working capital loans. Members of the credit union can borrow not more than three times their savings sum with 1% per month, but only the reduced sum.

Stima Sacco is also renowned for its attractive dividend payouts, which allow Sacco members to share in Sacco’s annual profits through dividends. As a result, not only does it encourage savings, but it also gives business owners an additional source of interest that can be re-invested into the business. In the financial year ended on December 31st, 2023, Stima Sacco paid a 15% dividend rate and an 11% rate on deposits.

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4. Mhasibu Sacco

Mhasibu Sacco, founded by the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya (ICPAK), is a specialized Sacco catering to the needs of accounting professionals and small businesses. With over 500,000 members and an asset base exceeding Ksh 10.6 billion, Mhasibu Sacco is a force to reckon with in the financial services sector.

One of the unique features of Mhasibu Sacco is its focus on providing tailored financial products and services to small businesses in the accounting and finance industries. Sacco offers a range of loan products, including MOBI loans and Rahisi loans, which provide financing for working capital, asset acquisition, and business expansion.

Members of Mhasibu Sacco can borrow up to five times their savings (with a max of Ksh 50 million) at an interest rate of 14% per annum on a reduced balance, with a repayment period of up to 72 months. In addition, the Sacco allows members to apply for and get loans through the online portal, MHASIBU PRO or USSD *657#. With share deposits of Ksh 50,000, you can qualify for a first loan of up to Ksh 10,000 and Ksh 5,000 more when your shares increase. Additionally, Sacco offers competitive interest rates on savings, incentivizing members to accumulate their savings and build a solid financial foundation for their businesses.

5. Waumini Sacco

Waumini Sacco, a financial institution founded by the Catholic Church of Kenya, has grown into a nationwide credit union with customers from all walks of life.

Waumini SACCO has more than 57,000 members, and the sole focus is on giving small businesses the right to access cheap loans. It is, therefore, perfect for entrepreneurs who want to access a credit facility. Sacco has various loan programs, and the Development Loan is one of them, providing financing in different aspects such as business expansion, working capital, or asset acquisition.

Waumini Sacco allows members to qualify for a loan up to three times the deposit amount with an interest rate of 12 percent and a repayment period of 72 months. The Sacco prides itself on their financial education and entrepreneurial development contribution being one of their critical success factors. Sacco is dedicated to training small business owners through the frequent organizing of workshops and seminars so that they can obtain the necessary knowledge and skills required for their ventures to succeed.

Saving and Investment Calculator

Our free Saving and Investment Calculator is a powerful tool designed to help individuals and businesses plan their savings and investments effectively, allowing you to visualize the potential growth of their money over time.

The Saving and Investment Calculator considers primary variables such as starting balance, monthly contribution, interest rate, and time frame. After inputting all these parameters, you can get the final submission, the amount contributed, and the interest earned.

For example, at the beginning of the month, using $0 for the initial balance, a monthly contribution of $100, an interest rate of 2%, and five years as duration, the calculator tells us that the final balance would be $7,409.81 with $7,000 being the total contribution and $409.81 total interest earned.

Meanwhile, upon entering an initial balance value of $0, inputting a monthly contribution amount of $500, interest rate of 11.75%, and term length of 15 years, a respective final balance of $54,566.14 is shown, which indicates a total contribution of $19,000 and crazy total interest earned of $35,566.

Thus, this is an invaluable tool for small business owners as they seek information about the maturity and perspectives of their savings and investments. By entering their required parameters, entrepreneurs can craft their financial tactics more efficiently, making sure they have the necessary capital to sustain the growth of their businesses and achieve their objectives in the long run.


Saccos in Kenya has emerged as the leading financial institution for small businesses, providing loans with better rates, interest, and a wide selection of financial services targeted to the needs of entrepreneurs. Enrolling in one of the enterprising Saccos depicted in this blog post will give you the capital services required to scale your businesses, buy assets, and foster sustainable growth.

Moreover, our Saving and Investment Calculator is a precious tool for individuals and companies that enables them to properly plan their savings and investments and make the right investment decisions. As the Kenyan economy expands and diversifies, the function of Sacco in Small Business Support will grow and become increasingly important.

Utilizing the products and services that member-owned financial cooperatives have to offer, entrepreneurs would be able to access new opportunities, stimulate innovation, and become an integral part of the country’s development strategy.

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