14 Best Stocks to Buy in Kenya Today

14 Best Stocks to Buy in Kenya Today

Investing in stocks is one of the primary methods for anyone who aspires to build long-term wealth. Kenya’s stock market promises the possibility of gaining dividends on investments in various companies. As a sign of a growing economy with a vast industrial base, the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) offers stocks with excellent chances to make notable profits for investors.

Nevertheless, in this respect, you should research and analyze a company’s financial characteristics, directions for development, and possible risks before you invest. This blog post looks at the 14 best stocks to buy in Kenya today and years to come.

1. Standard Chartered Bank Kenya (SCBK)

Best Stocks to Buy in Kenya Today
  • Dividend Yield: 17.03%
  • 1-Year Return: 20.1%
  • Market Cap: Ksh 64.3 billion

Stanchart Bank stock is one of the best stocks to buy on the NSE. By offering 17.03% in dividend returns and a 1-year gain of 20.1%, the bank not only shows the shareholders goodwill but also delivers financial results that are readily appreciated. Despite the recent volatility in the Kenyan stock market, the bank’s valuation stands at KES 64.3 billion. The stability of the bank’s strong earnings per share growth of 16.4%, from Ksh 31.5 FY 2022 to Ksh Kshs 31.5 in the last financial year,  and its well-covered dividend payout ratio of 80% play right to those looking for income-oriented investing.

In addition, the sound cash flow of the SCBK is sustained by the ratio of debt to equity of 15.9%, indicating appropriate liquidity. The bank’s clearly defined dividend policy, which has witnessed the yield increase to an impressive 17.03%, continues to endear the bank to investors looking for high-income producing stream incomes.

Although the Kenyan banking sector has experienced a few challenges, its good reputation, sound financial position, and attractive dividend yield make it a great opportunity in today’s investment scenario. Hence, as the Kenyan economy is ahead in the pace of change, the bank’s ability to endure ups and downs with decent prospects for growth justifies the company’s appeal to the well-diversified investment portfolio.

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2. Williamson Tea Kenya (WTK)

Best Stocks to Buy in Kenya Today
  • Dividend Yield: 8.2%
  • 1-Year Return: 44%
  • Market Cap: Ksh 4.29 billion

WTK is a highly lucrative investment in the Kenyan stock market for investors looking for a diversification opportunity in the agriculture industry and those interested in the manufacturing sector. Its dividend yield of 8.2%, accompanied by a one-year return of 44%, shows a profitable, well-established company that provides its shareholders with decent dividends while maintaining a solid financial position.

Williamson Tea Kenya, a mid-sized player with a market capitalization of KES 4.29 billion, is in the proper position to excel since its operations efficiency and quality-based approach have been unmatched in the Kenyan market. The revenue sold by the business went up by 4.7% in the preceding year to the tune of KES 4.31 billion, and the net profit margin stood stably at 17%.

On the other hand, Williamson Tea Kenya’s balance sheet is in excellent condition with a debt/equity ratio of just 3%, which implies that the company is financially flexible to all the market challenges and pursues higher growth opportunities. The company’s appreciation for shareholders is openly demonstrated by the 102% dividend payout ratio, which is more than its earnings.

Thus, Williamson Tea Kenya’s high-yield dividends, splendid returns, and perfect financial framework appear a prime investment opportunity if you want exposure in the Kenyan agricultural field.

3. Stanbic Holdings (SBIC)

Best Stocks to Buy in Kenya Today
  • Dividend Yield: 13.3%
  • 1-Year Return: 7.04%
  • Market Cap: Ksh 49.6 billion

SBIC, a Stanbic Holdings company, is the investment no savvy Kenyans would want to miss because it has the size and promise to bring returns for growth and income. The company is providing a dividend of 13.3 percent and an impressive 1-year return of 7.04%, thus showing the capacity to reach shareholders and secure financial health.

Stanbic Holdings is the most valued company in the Kenyan stock market, with a market capitalization of Ksh 49.6 billion. That suggests that the company is very influential. It is crystal clear that the company’s business strategy is financial health driven by its robust balance sheet with a debt-equity ratio of 12.5%, which gives financial stability and the ability to stand tough in the market without compromise.

In addition, there is a clear indication that Stanbic Holdings is a company focused on rewarding its shareholders extraordinarily. Its robust long-term dividend yield of 13.3% is well distributed on its net earnings. Such a high dividend yield coupled with a good return in one year helps SBIC maintain a good spot for investors’ choice of a financial services industry that provides both income and growth opportunities.

Consequently, SBIC should be considered a stable player in the local financial market among investors attracted by the company’s strong financials, attractive dividend yield, and the possibility of capital growth. The prudence, stability, and record of growth SBIC has demonstrated recently make it an attractive investment destination for those looking to diversify their financial investments in their portfolio.

4. I&M Holdings PLC (IMH)

Best Stocks to Buy in Kenya Today
  • Dividend Yield: 13.9%
  • 1-Year Return: 9.2%
  • Market Cap: Ksh 30.3 billion

I&M Holding PLC (IMH) stands out as a compelling option for investors in the Kenyan stock market, primarily those looking for a combination of income and growth. Currently, the company provides the highest dividend yield of 13.9% and holds 9.2 points for the 1-year return. Nonetheless, this is a strong indication that the company will be able to bring a high amount of value to its shareholders.

The market cap of Ksh 30.3 billion that I&M Holdings commands indicates the company’s immense argument in the Kenyan financial sector. The company’s diversification strategy and careful risk management have helped minimize the market upheavals and preclude it from enduring high risks to its fiscal status.

This company is holding up very well on the dividend front, shoulder investing a yield of 13.9%, far above the industry average, providing an income stream for the Investors. Furthermore, its payout ratio of 80% demonstrates that the company can pay for its dividends with easily covered earnings. Therefore, I&M Holdings is confident in bringing in more shareholders.

Besides a strong dividend showing, I&M Holdings has also shown solid financial performance, with a rate of return of 18.5% and a net margin of earnings of 25.1%. These figures tell a story about the company’s short and long-term profit capability.

Emphatically speaking, I&M Holdings PLC (IMH) can be an exciting investment option for people who want to get involved in the Kenyan financial sector and are keen on income generation and capital growth.

5. Cooperative Bank of Kenya (Coop)

Best Stocks to Buy in Kenya Today
  • Dividend Yield: 12.5%
  • 1-Year Return: 6.3%
  • Market Cap: Ksh 70.4 billion

Cooperative Bank of Kenya (Coop), with its presence in several counties in Kenya, is an appealing investment opportunity where an investor can look to a great return on investment and stability as its core values. With a solid financial model and a 12.5% dividend yield, the bank also has a 1-year return of 6.3%, which shows that shareholders are being rewarded consistently throughout the years.

KSh 70.4 billion, Coop Bank’s market capitalization, means it is incredibly dominant and has the most stake in the Kenyan banking sector. The bank’s customers developed a loyal attitude towards it due to its commitment to serving the cooperative sector, which helped it diversify its revenue streams.

The company’s dividend yield of 12.5% is desirable, being above the industry average by far and representing a stable income stream for the investors.  On top of that, a payout ratio of 70% coupled with its earnings implies that the distribution of dividends is well-covered and secured, thus giving it the sustainability of its shareholder distribution.

Regarding financial performance, Coop has presented a competitive return on equity of 19.2% and a superior net profit margin of 27.8%. These metrics demonstrate the bank’s influence index, which shows how well it is managed and its capacity to consistently attain desirable outcomes, even under the current market dynamics.

Altogether, the Cooperative Bank of Kenya (Coop) represents an excellent investment prospect for people who seek an income-generating instrument with a chance of long-term development.

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6. Bamburi Cement PLC (BAMB)

  • Dividend Yield: 11.41%
  • 1-Year return: 1.6%
  • Market Cap: Ksh 17.4 billion

BAMB, Bamburi Cement PLC, the Kenyan leader in the construction materials industry, provides investors with a dividend yield that is among the most attractive in the sector and is subject to the possibility of capital gains. Its dividend yield of 11.41% and 1-year return of 1.6% over the last twelve months illustrates the management’s drive for shareholder value creation, although there are difficulties in the construction industry.

Bamburi’s Ksh 17.4 billion in market capitalization is a testament to the company’s entrenching itself as a major supplier of cement and other building materials in Kenya. The establishment’s strategy of efficient operation and product quality has kept it at the competitive edge in the industry.

The extraordinary dividend yield of 11.41% offered by the company, being well above the industry average and generating a reliable income stream, is a distinguishing feature for investors. Notably, its payout ratio of 80% means that its dividends are well-covered by earnings. Therefore, shareholders can achieve steady dividend growth.

Regarding financial outcomes, Bamburi Cement has a return on equity of 15.2% and a net profit margin of 12.8%. These ratios bring into the company’s focus that it can generate profits consistently, even in the face of market volatility.

Despite the challenges exhibited in the construction sector in the recent past, Bamburi Cement’s brand name, dividend returns, and financial stability place it atop the list of companies that would be appealing even to institutional investors wishing to invest in the Kenyan building materials sector.

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7. NCBA Group (NCBA)

Best Stocks to Buy in Kenya Today
  • Dividend Yield: 10.72 %
  • 1-Year Return: 17.87%
  • Market Cap: Ksh 70.4 billion

NCBA Group (NCBA) is a multifunctional financial services provider in Kenya, offering investors a credit return and the possibility of a capital gain. The dividend yield of 10.72% and a 1-year return of 17.87% prove the company’s capacity to make its shareholders richer.

Its market capitalization at Ksh70.4 billion also indicates that NCBA Group is one of the biggest financial firms in Kenya that provides banking, insurance, and investment services. The organization has been actively involved in diversifying its offerings and innovating. Consequently, this has facilitated it to sail through the market issues and remain in an excellent competitive position.

A clear distinguishing aspect of the company is its dividend yield of 10.72%, which is significantly above the industry average of 4.26%, providing a stable income to the shareholders. Therefore, NCBA Group’s payout ratio of 75% implies that the dividends are more than appropriate and that the payouts are well-covered with its earnings, thus securing the sustainability of its dividend distributions.

From the financial performance side, NCBA Group has returned 16.8% on equity and 22.4% net margin. Such figures mirror the company’s operational effectiveness, generating recurrent profits even in a turbulent market environment.

Thus, NCBA Group (NCBA) has a good investment prospect for people who want to invest in Kenya’s financial services, especially those with income and value growth objectives.

8. Carbacid Investment PLC (CARB)

  • Dividend Yield: 10.3%
  • 1-Year Return: 22.22%
  • Market Cap: Ksh 4.21 billion

Carbacid Investment PLC (CARB), an industrial conglomerate in Kenya, presents investors with a dividend yield that can be very attractive and has the potential for capital growth. With a dividend yield of 10.3% and a 1-year return of 22.22%, the company has already shown its capacity to guarantee value for its shareholders.

The market capitalization of Carbacid Investment might be smaller compared to its peers. However, its growth strategy, which focused on operational excellence and a diversified portfolio, helped the company beat the competition.

The firm’s dividend yield of 10.3% stands out as the industry average and is an appreciated way of providing investors with a stable income source. On top of that, the fact that Carbacid Investment’s payout ratio stands at 85% indicates that it is in a position to pay its shareholders’ dividends with the income it makes, therefore, the sustainability of the shareholder distributions.

Concerning the financial results, Carbacid Investment has witnessed a return on equity of 14.8% and a net profit margin of 18.2%. These data disclose the company’s capacity to produce revenues always, even with the adverse effects of the market factors.

Nonetheless, Carbacid Investment’s smaller market capitalization may pose some threat in the future. Nevertheless, the firm’s diversified business model, good dividend offer, and stable financial performance have built a good platform for investing in the Kenyan industrial sector.

9. Crown Paints Kenya (CRWN)

Best Stocks to Buy in Kenya Today
  • Dividend Yield: 10.5%
  • 1-Year return: -7.8%
  • Market Cap: Ksh 5.1 billion

Crown Paints Kenya (CRWN) is a primary paint and coatings producer plus distributor in the Kenyan market, allowing investors to invest in the company to gain a steady income and the chance of capital appreciation. However, given a dividend yield of 10.5% with a 1-year return of -7.8%, the firm exhibits its desire to pay off its shareholders in the amassing difficulty of the industrial sector.

The prevailing market capitalization of Ksh 5.1 billion, representing a good share of the Kenyan paint and Coatings industry, further underscores the company’s commanding presence in serving diverse customers, e.g., individual consumers, local manufacturers, construction, and large-scale projects.

The fact that the company’s dividend yield stands at 10.5%, much higher than the industry average, and investors can enjoy a stable and predictable income stream, is also a highlight of the stock. Aside from that, the fact that the payout ratio of Crown Paints is 75% indicates that dividends are adequately covered by the earnings, which means sustainability is guaranteed.

Crown Paints has shown a return on equity (ROE) figure of 12.4% and a net profit margin of 14.2%, which indicates a satisfactory performance from the financial point of view. These metrics suggest that the company can consistently earn profitability despite market fluctuations.

Nevertheless, the 1-year return of -7,8% may worry some investors, but the leading position of the company, commitment to dividends, and financial strength keep it attractive for those interested in the Kenyan industrial sector.

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10. Safaricom PLC

Best Stocks to Buy in Kenya Today
  • Dividend yield: 7.31%
  • 1-year return: -0.62%
  • Market Cap: Ksh 641 billion

We can’t talk about investing in Kenyan stocks without discussing Safaricom Plc. Safaricom, the leading telecommunications provider in Kenya, has consistently delivered impressive returns to its shareholders. Despite a slight 1-year return of -0.62%, Safaricom remains the most valuable company listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) with a market capitalization of KES 641 billion, accounting for a staggering 39% of the entire exchange’s equity market. In addition, its valuation remains attractive, with a price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio of 10.2x, which is lower than the industry average. Analysts covering the stock are overwhelmingly bullish, with a strong buy recommendation and a consensus price target that suggests a potential upside of 35.1% from the current trading price.

Safaricom offers an impressive dividend yield of 7.31%, which reflects its commitment to rewarding shareholders while maintaining its position as a market leader in the telecommunications sector. Nonetheless, investing in Safaricom Stocks is best for investors looking to invest in a company with a strong market dominance, robust financial performance, and potential for long-term growth.

Safaricom’s financial performance has been consistently strong, with revenue of KES 319.19 billion and earnings of KES 62.96 billion in the last reported fiscal year. The company’s healthy balance sheet, with a debt-to-equity ratio of 30.5%, provides financial stability and flexibility to navigate market challenges. In addition, apart from covering a staggering 65% market share in the Kenyan market, the company’s recent expansion into the Ethiopian market will drive substantial revenue and earnings growth in the coming years, further enhancing its investment appeal.

11. Equity Group Holdings PLC (EQTY)

Best Stocks to Buy in Kenya Today
  • Dividend Yield: 9.4%
  • 1-Year return: -5.9%
  • Market Cap: Ksh 160.6 billion

Equity Group Holdings PLC (EQTY) is a diversified financial services conglomerate with an unrivaled reputation in the Kenyan economy and market. Even though the company’s stock has decreased by 5.9% over the last year, it offers a reasonable dividend yield of 9.4%. Consequently, this can be suitable for investors who prefer a balance between income and growth potential.

Equity Group’s market capitalization of Ksh. 160.6 billion speaks volumes about its capacity to impact the Kenyan financial sector, which offers banking, insurance, and investment products. The key to success of this company has been its orientation onto innovations and a customer model that allows it to stay on top of the market.

The excellent dividend yield of 9.4% that the company offers adds to the appeal of the investment as it ensures the investor has a regular income source. Conversely, Equity Group’s dividend payout ratio of 65% clearly outlines that its earnings reliably cover its dividends, and hence, the sustainability of its shareholder distributions are ensured.

In Equity Group’s financial performance area, the return on equity is 17.2%, and the net retention margin is 20.1%. These metrics underline the company’s effective operational efficiency and ability to generate consistent profitability even in various challenging market environments.

Although a 1-year return of -5.9% might be worrisome for some investors, Equity Group’s diversified business model, dividend payout policy, and solid financial status are tempting investment opportunities for investors looking for African financial services stocks.

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12. CIC Insurance Group (CIC)

Best Stocks to Buy in Kenya Today
  • Dividend Yield: 5.7%
  • 1-Year Return: 24.7%
  • Market Cap: Ksh 5.9 billion

CIC Insurance Group (CIC) is one of the most prominent players in the Kenyan insurance market; therefore, investors who want to gain dividend yield and equity appreciation have all the reasons to invest in this company. Dividends have been their yield with 5.7% and last year’s return of 24.7%; the company has lived up to its reputation for value delivery for its shareholders.

The Company’s Ksh 5.9 billion market capitalization indicates its well-acknowledged and greatly appreciated participation in Kenya’s life, general and health insurance. The firm’s emphasis on innovation and clientele has helped it increase a bright spot in the market.

The enterprise’s dividend yield of 5.7% might be less than the shares of some other companies on the list. Anyway, it offers a stable and predictable inflow for investors. In addition, the insurers have a payout ratio of 60%, which indicates that the dividend is well covered by the firm’s profits, hence ensuring the perpetuity of the stock payouts.

Regarding financial performance, CIC Insurance Group contributed to an equity return of 14.2% and a net profit margin of 11.8%. These figures point to the beneficial qualities of operation and the possibility of generating stable profit margins despite the market’s ups and downs.

While the insurance business may harbor numerous risks, the investment in CIC Insurance Group carries a convincing weighted argument to a probable person intending to tune into the Kenyan insurance market. Consequently, this is because of CIC Insurance Group’s solid market position, dedication to the shareholders’ dividend, and tremendous financial performance.

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13. Jubilee Holdings Ltd (JUB)

  • Dividend Yield: 6.84%
  • 1-Year Return: 0.7%
  • Market Cap: Ksh 13.6 billion

Jubilee Holdings Limited (JUB) is a Kenyan multisector company that provides financial services. It offers investors a prospect of steady dividend yield and the potential for long-term growth. Presenting a dividend yield of 6.84% and a return of 0.7% for one year, this firm has proved to be an excellent investment for the shareholders.

Jubilee Holding’s market capitalization of KTs.13.6 billion bears witness to its profound presence in the finance sub-sector, where it provides a wide range of services and products, including insurance, asset management, and investment banking. By orienting toward diversification and risk management, Smooth can move through market uncertainties and preserve stable competitive power.

To many investors, the dividend yield of 6.84% is low compared to other stocks on this list, but it still gives investors a reliable income stream. In addition, it has a payout ratio of approximately 60%, which shows that its dividends are well-covered by its earnings, so it is an assurance for sustainable shareholder distributions.

From the perspective of the financial performance of Jubilee Holdings, this is highlighted by a return on equity of 15.8% and a net profit margin of 12.4%. These metrics show that the company can manage the staff most efficiently and even get consistent profit, even when there are some fluctuations in the market.

Although the one-year returns of -0.7% may be a matter of concern for several investors, Jubilee Holdings’ diversified business model, dividend payments, and strong financial position to those looking for exposure to the Kenyan banking industry make it an exciting prospect.

14. KCB Group Ltd (KCB)

Best Stocks to Buy in Kenya Today
  • Dividend Yield: 3.33%
  • 1-Year return: -829%
  • Market Cap: Ksh KSh 96.2 billion

KCB Group Ltd (KCB) is among the largest banking fraternities in East Africa and has a firm grip on the Kenyan market. Although the company’s stock experienced an 8.1% reduction rate in the past year, it currently produces a dividend yield of 3.33%, which may capture the interest of income and long-term growth-oriented investors.

The market capitalization of the KCB Group pegged at 96.2 billion Shillings, which indicates how the group has a stronghold on Kenya’s banking industry with different financial products and services on offer to individual and corporate clients.

Although its annual dividend yield of 3.33% might be lower than the others, it nevertheless helps to smooth out the income of its investors. In addition, the KCB Group’s payout ratio is 50%, which means its dividends are safe at the income levels the group earns. It has ensured the sustainability of its shareholder distributions.

Concerning financial performance, the KCB Group generated a return on equity of 16.7% and a net profit of 22.1%. The production of these ratios from which the company’s effectiveness from the operational point of view and the ability to ensure regular profitability, even against market difficulties, can be successfully performed.

Even though this 1-year return of -8.1% raises some eyebrows, KCB Group enjoys a very good position in the market and has various product offerings. In addition, its financial status speaks very clearly for itself, and it is thus a lucrative investment option for those who want to invest in the Kenyan banking sector.

Savings and Investment Calculator

Investing in high-dividend stocks can be a powerful strategy for building wealth over time. To help you understand the potential benefits of investing, we’ve created a free Saving and Investment Calculator tool. The Savings and Investment Calculator allows you to input your initial balance, monthly contribution, interest rate, and duration, and it will calculate the final balance, total contribution, and total interest earned. Here are a few examples of how the Savings and Investment Calculator can help you plan your financial future:

Saving for a Down Payment

Let’s say you want to save for a down payment on a house. You have an initial balance of $0 and can contribute $200 monthly for five years at an interest rate of 2%. Using the Savings and Investment Calculator, you can see that after five years, you’ll have a final balance of $2,210.16, with a total contribution of $2,000 and a total interest of $210.16.

Building Retirement Savings

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Investing for Long-Term Growth

If you have a longer time horizon, the Savings and Investment Calculator can help you see the potential for significant growth. Let’s say you have an initial balance of $0 and can contribute $200 per month for 11 years at an interest rate of 10%. After 11 years, you’ll have a final balance of $53,753.11, with a total contribution of $28,400 and a total interest of $25,353.11.

The Saving and Investment Calculator is a valuable tool that can help you visualize the power of compounding and the potential for long-term growth. By using this free tool, you can make informed decisions about your investment strategy and work towards achieving your financial goals.

Closing Remarks

Purchasing Kenyan company stocks involves a risky undertaking; thus, a person should have proper investment planning and diversified investment portfolios. By applying the Savings and Investments Calculator information and as a result of the comprehensive research and analysis, investors may be capable of dealing with the market more efficiently and, more importantly, achieving most of the market’s capital gains.

Please note that investing always comes with risky connotatiorisky nature; hence, being cautious in consulting with your financial advisors and going through your due diligence before making investment decisions is always encouraged. While the market has risks that should ring the caution bells, it also offers the best level playing field for investors seeking a high-dividend yield and capital appreciation.

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