Best Real Estate Agents in Nairobi

Top 11 Best Real Estate Agents in Nairobi Today

Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, is a megacity where the economy has much room for expansion. Notably, this is particularly indicated in the real estate sector, which has been experiencing great strides. With a growing population,  the demand for residential and commercial property is high. Nevertheless, it is the real estate agent’s job to facilitate the complex buying, selling, and renting processes in this situation. So, choosing the correct realtor could be the deal maker if you are a first-time home buyer or tenant or look forward to managing or selling your property. 

In this article, we explore the 11 best real estate agents in Nairobi, giving you vital information about their different services, the projects they are proud to have done, and the contact details for you to reach them. Besides, we will disclose a powerful tool to help you determine your financial position and make better saving and investing decisions.

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1. Knight Frank Kenya Ltd

Best Real Estate Agents in Nairobi

Established in March 1998, Knight Frank Kenya has approximately two and a half decades of experience providing real estate services in Kenya. The company comprises a 148-growing member team and offers complete services in all the commercial, retail, and residential sectors. Knight Frank Kenya has actively marketed some of the most renowned properties in the country and has a good reputation for their in-depth market research and advisory services.

The company is a subsidiary of Knight Frank Group plc, the world’s largest privately-owned property consultancy, headquartered in London, employing over 20,000 from 57 countries, and assets under management totaling up to US$817 billion. However, Knight Frank Kenya has been a major player in numerous elite housing and commercial projects, which have brought much change in real estate in Kenya. They are instrumental in providing different studios, apartments, houses, townhouses, and maisonettes available for rent and sale in Nairobi.

Knight Frank Kenya has rental properties in several areas in Nairobi, such as Karen, Westlands, Rosslyn, Runda, and Lavington. The prices of these houses range from $1,800 to KES315,000 in the said areas and many more. Furthermore, the company lists properties for sale in Nairobi, including projects in Kilimani, Westlands, and Lavington, starting at KES6,000,000, $116,000, and $109,000, respectively.

Contact Information:

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2. HassConsult Real Estate

Best Real Estate Agents in Nairobi

With over 17 years of historical data on Kenya’s property market, HassConsult Real Estate prides itself on being one of the country’s oldest and most reputable real estate companies. The company offers residential and commercial client services, including new property development, letting, consultancy, selling, and property management.

HassConsult publishes the Hass Index, the most comprehensive price index detailing current and historical information about house price inflation in Kenya. Notably, the company’s rental properties are primarily located in prime areas such as Girigiri, Karen, Muthaiga, Westlands, Parklands, Riverside Drive, and Brookside, with rental prices ranging from KES 75,000 to KES 250,000 per month.

Contact Information:

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3. Ace Realtors Ltd

Best Real Estate Agents in Nairobi

Ace Realtors Ltd. is a one-source agency providing its clients with professional property search, sale, lease, and management services. When it comes to properties, the business has both a commercial and residential inventory that caters to different kinds of customers – from beginners renting or buying their first home to experienced investors.

Launched in 2009, Ace Realtors Ltd has garnered colossal trust and confidence in the Kenyan market. The company’s rentals are strategically situated in areas such as Kileleshwa, Parklands, Westlands, Lavington, Syokimau, Spring Valley, Brookside Estate, South B, Waiyaki Way, and Kilimani, with the rent ranging from KES 18,000 to KES 275,000 per month.
Contact Information:

4. Dunhill Consulting

Best Real Estate Agents in Nairobi

Dunhill Consulting Limited has prominently existed as an affordable service provider in the Kenyan real estate business, especially in property management, development, evaluation, property selling, and residential and commercial properties.

The locations of Dunhill Consulting’s rental properties in Nairobi include leading areas like Rattray Park, General Mathenge, Shanzu areas, along River Road, Kileleshwa, Nyari West Road, Kabete Road, Brookside Gardens, Lower Kabete, and Westlands. The company’s rental charges range between Ksh 65000 and Ksh 350000 a month, which satisfies a broad group of people.

Contact Information:

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5. Pam Golding Properties Kenya

Best Real Estate Agents in Nairobi

With its origin in South Africa, Pam Golding Properties Kenya has been one of Nairobi’s best property dealers in Nairobi, winning multiple awards for its high performance, values, and deontology. If Valuan gives both the buyers and the sellers the option for development and management of the property, this includes residential and commercial property sales.

Pam Golding Properties Kenya has a staff of 90 professionals who are experts of their respective suburbs, making them suburban experts. Consequently, this guarantees a team with in-depth knowledge of every area they are assigned. The firm’s rental properties are in prime locations like Loresho, Lavington, Riverside, Thika Road, Ngara, and Westlands, with a monthly rental fee starting from KES 120,000. Furthermore, Pam Golding Properties Kenya offers a wide range of houses for sale, from a 5-bedroom home at KES 150,000,000 in Kitisuru to a 3-bedroom apartment at KES 25,000,000 in Lavington.

Contact Information:

6. Homes Universal

Homes Universal is a real estate group comprising over ten companies that help develop, buy, and rent apartments, provide surveys and estimations, manage real estate, design apartments, and offer other services. These subsidiaries include Kenya Homes Expo, Villa Care Limited, Homes Kenya Magazine, Villa Care Management, Sigimo Enterprises, Security 24, Home Fix Limited, Kenya Interiors, Mentor Group, MEDLIFE LIMITED, HAMILTON & HAMPTONS, International Valuers, Homes Kenya Management, Nairobi Best Homes, and Beyond Media. 

Dedicated to being a leading player through competency, collaboration, integrity, and customer focus, the enterprise has grown from thoroughly meeting the market needs to an ultimate adaptability to its services.

Contact Information:

7. Regent Group

Best Real Estate Agents in Nairobi

Established in May 1994, Regent Group is a well-established full-service property consultancy company operating at the forefront of the Kenyan property market. Regent Group has positioned itself as a leader in the industry with a growing market share and the trust of many leading property owners, pension schemes, public corporate bodies, academic institutions, commercial banks, and individuals.

Regent Group’s vision is “To be a market leader in providing sustainable real estate solutions in Africa,” and its mission is “To provide a full spectrum of real estate services through top-notch professionals and processes while leveraging on technology for the benefit of stakeholders.” The company has a strong presence in Kenya, with offices in Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, and Eldoret, offering services such as project management, property management, estate agency, and valuation consultancy.

Contact Information:

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8. Lyold Masika

Lloyd Masika Limited is a leading registered valuation and estate agency firm, providing professional valuation and estate agent services in Kenya since 1979. The company is structured into three central departments: real estate, valuation, and property management, offering a comprehensive range of services to its clients.

Lloyd Masika has several properties for rent in prime areas of Nairobi, such as Brookside Terraces (4 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom apartment with two garages, starting at KES 135,000 per month), Trio Complex (starting at KES 75 per square foot), Nabro Apartments (2-bedroom for KES 67,500 and 3-bedroom for KES 75,000 per month including service charge), Arch Place (starting at KES 85 per square foot per month), and Walter Apartments (2-bedroom with master ensuite starting at KES 70 per square foot per month).

For properties for sale, they have a 3-bedroom, 1-bathroom, 1,165 sq ft maisonette in Ngumo West Estate for KES 17,000,000 and a 5-bedroom, 2-bathroom, 3,286 sq ft villa on Muthaiga Crescent for KES 220,000,000.

Contact Information:

  • Address: The Arch Place (8th Floor), Nyangumi Road, Off Dennis Pritt Road, Nairobi
  • Phone: +254 20 221 5900, 227 9000, 221 8112/3, +254 722 481 504, 733 597 050
  • Email:
  • Website:

9. Smart Focus Estates

SMART FOCUS ESTATES aims to revolutionize the real estate industry by coming up with innovative solutions and offering exceptional customer experience. Their customer-oriented, clear about their objectives, utilize technology, and the organizational priority of community impact indicate this other exists only from others.

Not only has it grown in size from a team of 4 people to over 20 highly skilled professionals in three years, but it has also improved productivity and results. The company is an expert in this area and has done projects with 600 clients. In the same way, SMART FOCUS ESTATES gained popularity as a preferred land acquisition partner to both local and diaspora investors.

The for sale properties include a 2-bedroom house under KES 10 million, a 2-bedroom home in Westlands worth KES 16 million, a furnished 3-bedroom apartment on Ngong Road worth KES 6.5 million, and a 4-bedroom all-ensuite maisonette in Green Valley Estate.

Contact Information:

10. Buy Rent Kenya

Best Real Estate Agents in Nairobi

BuyRentKenya is an innovative real estate platform that leverages AI technology to connect people with landlords, private sellers, and real estate agents. Their user-friendly interface offers expert advice, up-to-date listings, and valuable insights into the Kenyan property market. The site has over 7,500 listings for sale across popular neighborhoods like Karen, Westlands, and Kiambu Road.

According to their data, the average price for renting a house in Karen is KES 290,000 (up to KES 850,000 for high-end options). In addition, rental homes in Kileleshwa range from KES 125,000 to KES 500,000, with an average space of 238 square meters.

Contact Information:

11. Coral Property International Ltd

Best Real Estate Agents in Nairobi

Established in 2012, Coral Property International Ltd. has quickly gained a strong foothold in the Kenyan real estate market, offering diverse services and properties across East Africa, the United Kingdom, India, and the Middle East.

Notable Statistics/Properties:

  • A 4-bedroom townhouse in Windsor Park for KES 69.50 million.
  • A 4-bedroom contemporary villa for sale.
  • A 5-bedroom villa in Karen for KES 99 million.
  • A 5-bedroom townhouse in Karen is for sale for KES 70 million.
  • A 4-bedroom house with DSQ for sale and rent for KES 19.50 million.
  • A 4-bedroom house for rent in Nyari for USD 5500.
  • A newly built 2-bedroom townhouse for rent in Westlands for USD 2500.

Contact Information:

Using the Saving and Investment Calculator:

In addition to these top-notch real estate agents, we’ve also included a valuable tool to help you plan your savings and investments – the Saving and Investment Calculator. This free online tool allows you to calculate your potential savings and investment growth based on your initial balance, monthly contribution, interest rate, and duration.

Here’s how it works

  • Visit the calculator here
  • Enter your initial balance (the amount you have saved or want to invest).
  • Input your planned monthly contribution (the amount you plan to add each month).
  • Specify the interest rate you expect to earn on your savings or investments.
  • Set the duration (the years you plan to save or invest).

The calculator will provide the final balance, total contribution, and interest earned over the specified period.

For example, if you enter an initial balance of $10,000, a monthly contribution of $500, an interest rate of 5%, and a duration of 10 years, the calculator will show you a final balance of $91,470.13, with a total contribution of $70,000 and total interest earned of $21,470.13.

Thus, this tool can be invaluable for prospective homebuyers, real estate investors, or anyone looking to grow their wealth through disciplined saving and investing. By visualizing the potential growth of your savings or investments, you can make informed decisions and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, an experienced investor, or simply seeking financial growth, working with one of Nairobi’s top real estate agents and utilizing the Saving and Investment Calculator can help you achieve your goals more effectively. Try this tool today!

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